Does Your New Car Need Regular Servicing?

Your car does not need regular servicing because it is a brand new one. If you think like that, you should reconsider your thought. Your brand new car also needs regular servicing to be in the most efficient form for a longer period. Though a new car may not require repairs since the parts are new and efficient, servicing and maintenance are a must-have.

Even the most luxurious brands of automobiles set their servicing period as per their make and model. When you buy a car, you should follow the manufacturer’s suggested servicing schedule. Ask your car distributor or seller to know how often you should take your new car to the local garage for servicing.

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Why Is Regular Car Servicing Required for New Cars?

As a car owner, nothing can be more important for keeping your vehicle in the safe and functional mode for a longer period. If it is a brand new car, you should not be worried about the parts since they are also new. But, regular servicing means providing the necessary care and support to your vehicle and ensuring its high-performance level and safety. Even a brand new car can have tyre issues, dent, break damage and engine problem.

Experts will thoroughly check every part of your car when you take your vehicle to the local garage for half-yearly or annual servicing. They can suggest the right maintenance tips and repairs (if required). In the case of new cars, replacement is rare.

How Often Your Car Need Servicing?

However, you must take your new car for the first servicing after six months of purchasing it.

However, this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. You can get the recommended servicing schedules in the car’s logbook or manual after you buy it.

Benefits of Regular Car Servicing

  • Regular car servicing reduces the risks of having damages in parts of your vehicle.
  • This practice ensures healthy car parts and the car body to avoid accidents.
  • You can enjoy an augmented functionality of your vehicle after every servicing.
  • You can enhance the overall lifespan of your car.
  • You can get a good price for a well-maintained vehicle.

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