High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
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Half price MOT offered when booked with your annual full service

Sutton Wide Car Repairs

Nork Motor Engineering is a rated car repairs garage in the location of Sutton in the UK. Right from the inception, we have addressed numerous hazards of cars with ease. Be it an MOT testing or an oil change or a proper brake check, we are your one-stop service provider. Our dedication and care towards every vehicle are unmatched to any.


Our team and our professionalism

  • Our team has years of experience and is capable of understanding every problem with ease. 
  • They are ready to take up stiff challenges and address them accordingly. 
  • Our team is competent enough to meeting deadlines and capable of completion of the task within a stipulated frame of time. 
  • The routine car repairs performed by us are liked by all and sundry and hopefully, we can try and put our best foot forward to make our clients happy.

DVSA Approved And Accredited 

We are proud enough to be DVSA approved and accredited as an MOT testing centre. We have numerous clients that have used our MOT testing services and have showered accolades on us. You can also check out our diagnostic and air conditioning services, which are tailored to keep your vehicle run in tandem.

If you are in the requirement of Car repairs in Sutton, do not go too far. Let us know your requirements. We would be more than happy to help you out.


Car repairs epsom

Car Repairs

Nork Motor Engineering is a successful catered valued car repairing right from its inception and we are continuing to do our task most accurately. We understand that every car undergoes wear and tear and thereby it needs proper maintenance and care. 

The professionals working with us have years of experience under them. They are capable of understanding every detail with ease. Our aim is the complete the execution of the task in a seamless manner. We ensure that your car gets back on the road in full swing. Bring your vehicle to us and avail the best service in town.


Air Conditioning Repairs

If the air condition of your car is not functioning in tandem then you can let us know. Our repair professionals are ready to put the best foot forward as and when is required. We are aware of the latest technological progression that allows us to complete the task within the stipulated frame of time. If the Air condition is not cooling or emitting strange noise, call us up immediately. Get in touch with us for valued and top-notch repairs.


Welding and Chassis Repairs

Over the years, Nork Motor Engineering have performed extensive welding on the underside of vehicles. Some welding jobs are a little more taxing than others, requiring the location of difficult-to-find sections and fabricating what is not available. At Nork, we can help in most cases where others decline.

Most of the time, we are welding plates onto sills or chassis sections but we have also welded and modified exhaust systems and other obscure things that customers arrive with.

car welding

Exhausts Repairs

Exhausts are fitted and repaired and we can include welding services where it is practical. This work is always done by a qualified mechanic at Nork Motor Engineering. Exhaust parts are available from several sources at sensible prices, normally in a few hours.

Wondering where to get your car
MOT’d Repaired or Serviced?
Nork Motor Engineering is your local fully-independent repair garage and we are here to help.
Bookings taken for cars and light vans for MOTs, Repairs and Servicing.

Why Choose Us

We are celebrating 40 years at Nork. Located in Banstead UK, We provide high quality garage service in the Sutton Area. Nork Motor Engineering is your local fully independent repair garage and we are here to help you.

Our Services


We have detailed exactly what is involved in our MOT testing and car servicing work. If, after reading through, you would like
to book one of our garage services, please give one of staff members a call on 01737 357636. We cover all major locations in
the nearby Surrey area including Sutton and Epsom.

We are also available to provide customers with further information on new parts, air conditioning servicing, engine diagnostics
and our wider service range.
Our Location

Nork Motor Engineering Nork Gardens, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 NZ

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 17:30pm
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