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Nork Motor Engineering has carried out a huge number of car repairs for Sutton-based motorists over a proud 50 year history. While carrying out MOT testing, car servicing and many of our other garage services, we find serious faults and issues with a vehicle. If you have no plans to book in your vehicle for car servicing or MOT testing in the near future, how do you know when it may need essential car repairs? Certain common problems associated with cars can be easily identified by vigilant motorists. Below, we’ve listed some warning signs that may signal that you need essential car repairs. If you come from Sutton and notice one of the following warning signs, give Nork Motor Engineering a call and we can provide you advice. We’re positioned in nearby Banstead so we are easily accessible for car repairs, car servicing and all related garage services. Even if you’re nearly due for MOT testing or a service, it’s not worth ignoring any signals. Even the smallest of warning signs could indicate a serious underlying problems with your car that could ultimately cause it to break down
Visual Checks
If you notice fluid dripping underneath your vehicle or find small stains on the ground after moving it, this could mean a number of things:

1. Blue, light green or orange colours could mean either your engine is overheating or the antifreeze is leaking. The latter could be caused by a damaged water pump, a leaking radiator or a faulty hose

2. A dark brown or black colour means oil is leaking from the engine, possibly due to a damaged seal or gasket

3. An oily red colour usually indicates a transmission or power-steering fluid leak

4. If the fluid is clear, there’s usually no cause for alarm. Often, this is condensation from a vehicle’s air conditioning system

If you come from Sutton and notice a pool of fluid under your vehicle, contact our garage services firm to find out if your car may need servicing or repairs. Otherwise, it could prevent you passing MOT testing when the deadline next rolls round.
Olfactory Checks
There are a number of smells that could indicate you have a problem with your car and require repairs:

1. A light, sharp smell akin to that of burned toast usually indicates an electrical short and burning insulation

2. The distinct smell of rotten eggs usually means your catalytic converter or similar emission control device is acting up

3. An acrid odour can mean burning oil. Keep an eye out for signs of leakage

4. If your car fails to start and you can smell gasoline vapours, this can mean you’ve flooded your engine. You should wait five minutes before trying to start it up again. If you can still smell gasoline, it could be a leak in the fuel system

5. A burning resin or strong chemical smell can signify that your clutch or brakes are overheated

6. A steamy, sweet smell can mean a coolant leak

If you’re in Sutton and recognise any of the above odours, give Nork Motor Engineering a call. One of our expert engineers can provide advice and let you know if it’s safe or not to drive the vehicle. It may be that you need car servicing or car repairs to be undertaken soon.
Audible Checks
There are also sounds that can signal a problem with your automobile:

1. A sharp, shrill squeal can indicate loose power steering, fan or air-con belt

2. Slight, sharp clicks that occur as your vehicle speeds up could mean a loose wheel cover or bent fan blade, as well as a stuck valve lifter or diminishing engine oil

3. High-pitched screeching is usually intentionally caused by brake wear indicators and means it’s time for a car servicing

4. General rumbling can signal a defective exhaust pipe, muffler or converter. It can also highlight a worn universal join or similar drive-line component

5. A metallic pinging noise can mean your engine ignition timing is off

6. Heavy knocking or pounding sounds can signal a worn crankshaft or loose transmission torque converter

7. A seemingly random clunking can mean your shock absorber or similar suspension component has come loose

If you notice any of the above sounds or something even stranger, speak with Sutton’s favourite independent provider of garage services, car repairs and MOT testing. It could be a dangerous issue and isn’t worth ignoring!
Call Nork Motor Engineering on 01737 357636. We provide affordable garage services, including car repairs, servicing and MOT testing, for road users in Sutton.
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