High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
High Quality Garage Services for the Banstead, Sutton & Epsom Area
Servicing & MOT Centre
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Nork Motor Engineering are based in Banstead and we offer a range of professional garage services to motorists in all nearby areas including Sutton and Epsom. We provide car repairs and car servicing to local customers and we also specialise in MOT testing. If you need reliable services from genuine local specialists, Nork Motor Engineering are here to help.
Below, we explain some of our key garage services in detail but if you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Car Repairs and Servicing
Our garage has been providing car repairs and car servicing to motorists in Banstead, Epsom, Sutton and all nearby Surrey towns for over half a century. We guarantee high standards of workmanship, covering everything from accurate engine diagnostics to the repair work itself. Our routine car repairs include brake disc and pad replacements, exhaust fitting, mechanical troubleshooting and changing wheel bearings. With our car servicing work, clients can expect to see filters, plugs and fluids replaced. Based on whether you book in for a scheduled or interim service, the amount of work required will vary. Regular car servicing increases road safety, economy and performance. It can also help maintain the value of your car and lower fuel costs.
Garage Services Sutton
MOT Testing
Nork Motor Engineering is proud to be a DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) approved MOT testing centre. However, it is not just our association with a governing body that highlights our credibility; we have many repeat clients from Banstead, Epsom and Sutton who always use us for MOT testing. We think this loyalty speaks volumes. You can choose to have your vehicle tested in one of two bookable 1-hour slots available each day. These slots are at 10:15am and 1:45pm respectively. This is for customers who are unable to leave their car with us for an extended period of time. Those who can leave their car with us for a full day can drop it off at any time. An inspector will test it as soon as they become available.
Air Conditioning services
Air Conditioning
If your air conditioning isn’t functioning correctly, we can help. Our garage services in Epsom and Sutton include air conditioning servicing and repairs. If your air conditioning isn’t keeping your vehicle cool enough, if your windows won’t demist, if strange noises can be heard or if you regularly get cold-like symptoms after sitting in your car, bring it into us and we’ll do whatever it takes to resolve the problem.
Car Servicing

Vehicle Diagnostics is not an exact science and no single diagnostic tool will be suitable for all makes and models. We use one of our many different scanning machines to help us isolate problems on your car. We also subscribe to 3 technical helplines and all of us benefit from the training supplied by the Group Auto Care training  program.

Our latest general tool is Auto Com but we also use three other multi-franchise tools and two dedicated machines for Volkswagen and Peugeot Citroën. Engine diagnostics is one of our key garage services and one that is used for car servicing and car repairs in our main trading areas of Epsom and Sutton.

car welding
Welding and Chassis Repairs
Over the years, Nork Motor Engineering have performed extensive welding on the underside of vehicles. Some welding jobs are a little more taxing than others, requiring the location of difficult-to-find sections and fabricating what is not available. At Nork, we can help in most cases where others decline.

Most of the time, we are welding plates onto sills or chassis sections but we have also welded and modified exhaust systems and other obscure things that customers arrive with.
wheel alignment
Tyres and Wheel Alignment
Over the last year, we have installed a new super tracker four-wheel alignment system to complement our new tyre machine and wheel balancer. These garage services have so far proved popular with our Epsom and Sutton clients.

With regard to tyres, there is a very large variety of sizes and prices available. We are normally able to get most tyres needed within a few hours. If we do not have your size in stock, we’ll do everything possible to source them for you.
Exhausts are fitted and repaired and we can include welding services where it is practical. This work is always done by a qualified mechanic at Nork Motor Engineering. Exhaust parts are available from several sources at sensible prices, normally in a few hours.

If you are in Epsom or Sutton and need us for car servicing, MOT testing, car repairs or any other garage services, call us now on 01737 357636.

Our Location

Nork Motor Engineering Nork Gardens, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 NZ

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Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 17:30pm
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