Why Invest in Quality Car Servicing in Epsom?

Nork Motor Engineering provides a range of garage services to the people of Epsom. Based in Surrey’s Banstead, we carry out car repairs and MOT testing whilst also offering two forms of car servicing; a basic annual service for cars with low mileage and a full scheduled service for those in need of more comprehensive maintenance.

There are a number of reasons we recommend motorists get their vehicle serviced fairly regularly. Car servicing increases the chances of a vehicle will pass MOT testing first time because any issues we find while maintaining your vehicle can be fixed on the spot.

Our team is made up of some of the most experienced engineers in the Epsom area so we can carry out car repairs and a full range of other garage services on-site. Beyond helping increase the chances of a pass during MOT testing and helping identify any necessary car repairs, high quality car servicing can do a whole lot more…

Car Servicing Maintains the Health of Your Vehicle
Having your car regularly serviced is a little like going to the doctors for a check-up. While it can sometimes be inconvenient, failure to identify a problem or address a minor worry early on can lead to much bigger troubles down the line. If you come from Epsom but have never have used a garage for car servicing before, be advised that you risk forking out large sums of cash on car repairs further down the line if you fail to have your vehicle regularly maintained. If your brakes are wearing down, car servicing will help us identify worn pads or discs. If our brakes fail, you could end up having to pay for a number of major car repairs after a collision. Many of our Epsom clients pop in for regular servicing because they realise the value of looking after a vehicle. If you look after your own car, it will always look after you!
Car Servicing Boosts Performance and Improves Fuel Economy
This is one of the reasons why car servicing is one of the most cost-effective garage services you can invest in. A properly maintained engine runs better than a neglected one. An oil change is a key part of servicing for this reason. A well-oiled machine is also less likely to need costly repairs down the line. By ensuring an engine is working at full capacity, clients in Epsom can minimise fuel bills. Considering how expensive petrol is these days, it’s never worth filling up more often than you really need to. Car Servicing Extends Lifespan and Boosts Value Of all the garage services we offer, car servicing is perhaps the most versatile. Epsom clients who have expressed concerns that their vehicle is struggling on performance are often pleasantly surprised at our results. Car servicing prolongs the lifetime of your car, maintains a service history and preserves value. If you’re in Epsom and are looking to sell your vehicle, you’ll get more for it if it runs well and is unlikely to need any car repairs in the immediate future. If you want us to conduct MOT testing at the same time as a service, we can do that too.
Could your vehicle use a service? Call us on 01737 357636. We provide Epsom motorists with a range of garage services including car repairs and MOT testing.
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