Few Common Issues For Which You Need Car Servicing

Owning a car is always a matter of pride for the owner. Though a newly bought car can run for miles without showing any signs of damage, they develop issues over time. Even if you have bought a well-engineered vehicle, your car will develop a fault after covering a few miles. Some of the vital car parts will start showing signs of wear and tear.

You have to take your car to a reputable garage for car servicing, irrespective of your car brand. Their mechanics will assess their condition and tell you whether you have to repair or replace them. They might even share a few car maintenance tips to help you stay away from the common issues. It will also keep your car in its best running condition and ensure your safety on the road.

Choose Car Servicing In Epsom For The Car Issues Stated Below

  • Coolant Leaks

An easy way to regulate the temperature of your car’s engine is by maintaining the coolant level. You will know that the coolant has started leaking if you notice sweet-smelling liquid below the engine. You can diagnose the issue by visiting a reputable garage for car servicing. Coolant generally leaks when the seal corrodes or the radiator cracks. Once the coolant starts leaking, it can’t maintain the engine’s optimal temperature.


  • Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a very common issue you have to face if you own a car. You will know that the engine is leaking oil if you notice dark-coloured fluid below the engine. Another common sign indicating that the car oil has started leaking is when the exhaust emits black and thick smoke. The smoke occurs when the oil hits the hot exhaust and starts burning.


  • Faulty Engine

Once the engine light on your car’s dashboard gets illuminated, please take it to a reputable garage for car servicing in Epsom. You will know that something is wrong with the engine when the vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as it should. The mechanic will diagnose the issue if the check engine light is visible. Sometimes, the engine misfires if there is a problem with fuel injection.

Since you now know the common issues found in cars of almost every make and model, get in touch with the skilled mechanics at Nork Motors for professional car servicing.