What Can Happen to Your Car if You Are Not Using It for a Long Time

It is known to all that regular driving, and regular servicing keeps the car in good health. Even if you do not need to go out anywhere far from your home in Sutton, you should try to give a start to the engine of the car and take it till the grocery store next to your block to keep the machines running.

If you leave your car unused for a long period, there can be issues inside the car. You may not see it from outside, but there can be damages in various parts, and you need to call for garage services.


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Common Issues Your Car Can Have

Dead Battery: Due to a long interval, the battery may get discharged and dried up and refuses to provide energy to the engine of the car.

Tires Damage: The normal shape and form of the tires of your car can be maintained while they are in typical driving condition. Since they carry the entire weight of the car, if you do not move them frequently, you can see damages in your tires too.

Faded Body Paint: If you do not have a covered garage and need to keep your car under the open sky, then the body paint will fade away after a while if you do not take it for the regular servicing to the garage.

Fuel Pump Damage: When you leave your car unused for a long time, the fuel pump of the same will break down easily. It can remain in good condition only when you keep your car running.

When You Should Take Your Car for Servicing

Like your body, your car needs regular check-up and treatments to remain fit and functional. The garage is the hospital, and the mechanics are the car doctors. Hence, it is required to take your car to the garage for servicing at least once a year. In some cases, it can be twice or thrice as well.

Actually, the time of the interval depends on the age and the condition of the car. An old car or an overused car needs more care than a new car.

Nor Motor offers complete garage services in Sutton. We have the experts of cars who can diagnose the issues and then fix the problems as soon as possible. Take your car to us for MOT testing as well.

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