What Situations you can face when MOT Expires?

MOT Expire Problem

The Ministry of Transport test or MOT test ensures that the vehicle or vehicles meet the guidelines set for road safety and environmental standards. This test ensures that you and others are safe while driving. But, have you imagined what would happen if this small piece of paper slipped from your mind and the MOT test expired?

If the MOT expires, you might face several circumstances. To know the right time of expiry, you need to take your vehicle to a reliable servicing garage that offers MOT testing in Sutton.

The Circumstances to Face When MOT Expires

Driving Should Be Avoided:

One of the most obvious consequences is when your vehicle’s MOT expires. The moment the MOT expires, the car is technically not legal to drive on the road. Even a short trip to the nearby stores is considered risky. Getting caught without an MOT can land you in paying huge fines. Hence, when the MOT expires, you must take your car to the garage and check.

Effect On The Insurance:

An expired MOT comes with the domino effect. If you face an accident and the MOT is invalid, your car insurance can be null or void. If your car faces any accident or damage during the MOT expiry, the insurance policy does not cover the accidents. You will only be liable for the cost, which is a huge expense on your head.

The Additional Threat:

In the worst scenario, when the police find that the MOT is expired and the vehicle is unsafe, they have the right to impound it. This means the car is taken away and stored in a protected location until you come with a valid MOT and pay the additional fees. Getting your car back after this is all about a new and inconvenient problem.

Failing the re-test for MOT:

Let’s say your MOT has expired, and you can book a re-test without driving illegally. You may still fail the re-testing, mainly because you have not serviced the car regularly. This means that you will need to have the necessary repairs done before you have another MOT test, adding extra hassle and time.

An MOT expiry not only causes inconvenience but is also a costly and time-consuming issue that needs to be avoided. By having the MOT test done, you make your vehicle roadworthy and ensure that you drive safely. Nork Motor Engineering provides the best MOT testing to ensure that your car is in good condition. Contact us for any further servicing.