5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Passing the MOT Test

An MOT test is compulsory in the UK for any car which is over three years old. It isn’t a one-time ordeal; you have to renew your certificate every year. The test is meant to analyze safety levels and emission levels to ensure that your car is safe to drive on the road. Car owners that go for MOT testing in Sutton fail half of the time. While sometimes the condition is serious, it could have been avoided the rest of the times. In reality, you can prevent this failure with a few precautions. Here are the things that will help you ace the test:

MOT testing Sutton

Basics to Pass the MOT Test


  • Clean your car before the test. A cluttered cabin and hood or dusty exteriors might be a red flag. It is a good idea to wipe your windows and windshield clean. Small things might come in the way of your test.
  • Ensure all your lights are working correctly. Check the main, dipper and beam front headlights along with the rear headlight. Hazard lines and indicators should be checked. Don’t forget your brake light as well. Usually, a broken or fused bulb that went unnoticed will fail you.
  • The amount of times when people have failed because of their tires is very high. Ensure all your tires fulfil the minimum legal tread depth. It will help if you also look out for any damages like any cuts and tears. Under or over-inflated tires will also cause troubles.
  • Having a clean windshield is not the only thing you should look into. Having the driver’s central view clear is a significant step towards safety. Make sure to remove any parking tickets that obstruct the view, the area where the wipers operate. Any damage more significant than 40 mm will cause problems and so will any damage larger than 10 mm in the driver’s view. Lastly, having no holes or tears in the rubber will keep you out of trouble.
  • Checking your exhaust system and horns for optimum conditions will save you. While you are at it, you should also check your handbrake.

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How to Prepare Your Vehicle Before A MOT Testing?

Did you know that there is a massive chance that your vehicle might fail their first MOT test? Sometimes, the chances go up to even higher.  Still, it is nothing much to worry about as you can easily ignore all the faults by putting a little effort.  It is all about following a few simple steps to check and maintain the vehicle before taking it for the very first MOT testing in Sutton. Here is an attempt to sum up the most important things you must keep in mind.

A Few Essentials for Your Vehicle to Pass the First MOT Test


The most vital faults associated with MOT testing is related to the lights. It is still easier to do away with such faults as checking the lights happens to be the simplest of all. One can perform the check on their right at home. You only need to turn on the headlights, indicators, and fog lights to check if all of them are working fine. You should ask someone to stand at the vehicle’s back to check if the brake light turns on as you press the brake pedal. If you find any of the bulbs to be broken, then you can buy it and fir it on your own. If you are not confident about doing it, then a visit to any of the local garages with solving your problem.


The next important thing to check the tread depth of the tyres as an inappropriate depth can result in an MOT failure. If the tread is low, then it signifies that the tyres lack the right gripping ability and if the depth is below 1.6 mm. Then it would be illegal to have such a tyre.  So, work on this before taking your vehicle for the MOT testing.


The brakes must perform effectively to pass the MOT. Faulty brakes should be repaired before an MOT test to prevent a failure.


The windscreen must remain in good shape to ensure safety while driving. If it is damaged, then it must be replaced. Make sure that there should not be any objects or stickers to obscure the view. That will undoubtedly lead to an MOT failure.

One must also thoroughly check the wipers, washers, seat belts, mirrors, registration plate, and the overall body of the vehicle before taking it for an MOT testing in Sutton.  Prepare your car well, and the rest would be an easy affair.