What is the MOT Check Routine? Know in Details

MOT testing

When your car is over three years old from registration, it must undergo its first MOT test. After that, it must be retested every year before the current MOT expires. The time and location of the examination and the expiration date are listed on the MOT test certificate you’ll receive, letting you know whenever the vehicle requires a new MOT. If you’d like, you can retest the vehicle up to one month before the expiration date and keep the original renewal date. The MOT testing centre’s regular processes must be understood.

Many cars fail an MOT due to minor problems which could have been properly fixed before the test. You’d be pleasantly surprised at what could happen during an MOT; some issues are minor. Make an MOT schedule a few months before the inspection date to ensure your car is in the finest condition possible. It will enable you to take care of any worries ahead and avoid awkward circumstances if the car fails the test. You can do some things as a motorist or vehicle owner to increase the probability that your car will pass its MOT.

How does the MOT check routine work?

Interior inspection

To examine the seat adjustment and the various lock positions, the MOT tester first sits in the driver’s seat during the MOT examination procedure. Check all working parts, including the dashboard warning lights, the passenger door from the inside, and the nearside mirror if necessary. Verify the security of the rearview mirror, the condition of the airbags, all door mirrors, and the parking lights. The examiner will also evaluate the driver’s field of vision, parking brake, and lighting, including rear and front fog lights and steering wheel.

Checking petrol, diesel and exhaust system

During the MOT test, petrol exhaust emission and diesel smoke tests are also conducted on the vehicle to check the conditions. The MOT testers generally use certified smoke metres to perform these tests. Your car must pass the same way to go on the road without glitches.

Vehicle body inspection

This is a critical part of the test. Here the tester will examine the steering system, oil leaks, and condition of the brakes, wheels and bulbs. In case of any signs of abnormality or corrosion, the car doesn’t pass the test.

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