Different Types of Car Servicing at A Glance


If you possess a car, it is likely the jewel of your eye. Like any other machine, a vehicle needs regular maintenance and repair services to stay in top shape. So, it is crucial to choose only the best car servicing in Sutton to take care of your beloved car. Regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is:

  • Highly reliable and functional
  • Eligible for a better resale value
  • Supported by a better engine and brakes

There are different types of car servicing options that you can choose from. It depends on the issues that your car is facing as well as your budget. Here are the different types of servicing that you can avail of to make sure that your car is well cared for:

Basic or Interim Car Service

As the name suggests, this is the entry-level servicing package for every car. It must be availed of at least twice a year. Explicitly designed for high-mileage car users, this package is meant for vehicles that travel over 20,000 miles per year. It includes components such as oil filter change and oil change. Further, necessary car components such as tyres, lights, car fluids, brakes, engine, and windshield wipers are reviewed. 

Mid-range or Full Car Service

A mid-range car servicing in Sutton is often termed as a ‘full car servicing’. It is the routine annual check-up for a car that clocks around 12,000 miles in a year. It includes a wide variety of checks and replacements in the car. These include brake inspection, air filter change, electrical components testing, and coolant checking. Further, spark plugs, wheel bearings, and air conditioning systems are also inspected. If required, replacement and repairing activities are undertaken for every individual element. 

Major or Master Car Service

The gold class car servicing package is known as the Major Service package. This should be carried out every 24 months. It is the most exhaustive and extensive car check-up and repairing service package that includes all components of a full car service package. Further, cabin filters and brake fluids are also checked and replaced in this particular service scheme.

Hence, it is necessary to invest judiciously in reliable car servicing in Sutton. Nork Motor is a top provider of impeccable car servicing solutions in the area. Their team of experts ensures that proper care is taken of your car at all times.

What Are the Risks of Delaying Your Car Servicing?


You have to keep in mind that every vehicle needs proper servicing after a certain period. It doesn’t matter if your car is brand new or old; it needs servicing at regular intervals. Let us take a look at some occurrences that can happen if you delay your car servicing.

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Risks of delaying car servicing

Engine breakdown  

You need to change the oil after a point of time to refrain the engine from producing excess heat. After the usage of engine oil for several months, it loses the capability to cool the engine further, and the performance deteriorates. What are the consequences that can happen if we don’t change the engine oil timely?

  • The engine may break down at any time.
  • The cost of repairing the engine is enormous.
  • Engine depreciates at a multiplying rate if the oil isn’t changed timely.
  • Change the filters timely so that the engine oil doesn’t get contaminated before time.


Wheel alignment 

Make sure that the tires are in proper alignment and have enough treads to run safely on the road. An adequately aligned wheel can drive more effectively with consuming less amount of fuel. Car servicing in Epsom is needed to check the balance of your car and lessens the chance of meeting any accident.


Facing accidents due to avoidance of regular servicing

If you skip your service schedules repeatedly, then you might face an accident any day. When you’re running your vehicle on the road, you must maintain the safety measures first.

  • Regular servicing of your braking system reduces the chances of accidents. The motor mechanic replaces the brake pads whenever needed.
  • You need to replace your steering covers if it has worn out. Check and refill the steering fluids regularly.
  • Wipers & rear-view mirrors should work appropriately to avoid any massive accidents.


Absence of warning lights can lead you to an accident.

Always keep the warning lights in working condition. These lights detect imminent danger and alert the driver. Also, front lights, rear lights and indicators should be checked regularly.


Breakdowns in the middle of the road 

Make sure that your battery is in good working condition with all proper connections and water. Check daily the charging status of the battery.

Depreciation is inevitable of a using car, but you can still grant your car more life by servicing the vehicle timely. Avail the best Car Servicing in Epsom from Nork Motors.

Everything You Need to Know When You Send Your Car for Servicing

Cars can be absolute lifesavers when you want to commute faster and safer. As with any other machine, a vehicle requires regular repair and maintenance. This complicated job should be left to professionals. Experienced car servicing in Sutton can work wonders in solving all your vehicular woes. So, before you avail of it, here is all you need to know about the different types of services.

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Filter and Oil Changing Service Package


This is the most preliminary car service package. Apart from a cursory visual inspection of the vehicle, one should be attentive towards the oil and filter of the car. This service ensures optimal fuel efficiency. Further, it makes sure that your vehicle is safe for operation. This package should be availed of regularly to keep the car in good working condition.


Basic Service Package

This is the most popular servicing package at most garages. Alongside an oil and filter check-up, all essential components of the car are given a thorough look-over. All relevant fluids like coolant, brake fluid, and washer fluid, are refilled as well. Nearly 35 car components are scrutinised under this check. In case of any fault or damage, proper repair and maintenance are undertaken. Some garages also include a comprehensive brake check in this package.


Full and Major Service Packages


A full package of car servicing in Sutton is the natural upgrade from a basic package. It includes all the relevant checks and services included in a preliminary examination. Further, it offers 15-20 additional component checks. A significant service package is an extension of this concept. It provides replacement (if needed) of the fuel filter; sparks plugs et cetera.


Manufacturer’s Service Package


The manufacturer’s service package offers the most extensive car servicing. It is comparatively more expensive. However, such all-encompassing servicing must not be neglected. It must be availed of intermittently to ensure good car condition. It includes check-ups of the following car components:


  • Brake and brake fluids
  • Steering and power steering fluids
  • Oil filter and oil level
  • Coolant or antifreeze fluid
  • Windscreen and wipers
  • Exhaust
  • Car battery
  • Charging system
  • Shock absorbers
  • Suspension
  • Light
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyre pressure and tread


Thus, it is essential to understand the maintenance requirements of your car while opting for car servicing in Sutton. Nork Motor offers unparalleled car servicing facilities for all types of vehicles. Car owners can avail of reliable and comprehensive car service packages at affordable prices.

What Can Happen to Your Car if You Are Not Using It for a Long Time

It is known to all that regular driving, and regular servicing keeps the car in good health. Even if you do not need to go out anywhere far from your home in Sutton, you should try to give a start to the engine of the car and take it till the grocery store next to your block to keep the machines running.

If you leave your car unused for a long period, there can be issues inside the car. You may not see it from outside, but there can be damages in various parts, and you need to call for garage services.


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Common Issues Your Car Can Have

Dead Battery: Due to a long interval, the battery may get discharged and dried up and refuses to provide energy to the engine of the car.

Tires Damage: The normal shape and form of the tires of your car can be maintained while they are in typical driving condition. Since they carry the entire weight of the car, if you do not move them frequently, you can see damages in your tires too.

Faded Body Paint: If you do not have a covered garage and need to keep your car under the open sky, then the body paint will fade away after a while if you do not take it for the regular servicing to the garage.

Fuel Pump Damage: When you leave your car unused for a long time, the fuel pump of the same will break down easily. It can remain in good condition only when you keep your car running.

When You Should Take Your Car for Servicing

Like your body, your car needs regular check-up and treatments to remain fit and functional. The garage is the hospital, and the mechanics are the car doctors. Hence, it is required to take your car to the garage for servicing at least once a year. In some cases, it can be twice or thrice as well.

Actually, the time of the interval depends on the age and the condition of the car. An old car or an overused car needs more care than a new car.

Nor Motor offers complete garage services in Sutton. We have the experts of cars who can diagnose the issues and then fix the problems as soon as possible. Take your car to us for MOT testing as well.

For more information, please get in touch with us.

Essential facts you must know about Car servicing in Sutton

The service schedule of your car mostly depends on the manufacturer and the car’s mileage and age. Though every product is different, with this discussion, you can have a general idea about the required frequency for your car servicing in Sutton and all those extra checkings you should invest in between service intervals.


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The general standard servicing

You must have thorough knowledge about your car from the manual provided to you at the time of your purchase. This will help you have a clear idea about the servicing needs of your vehicle. Every car is different from the other, and there is no one size fits all theory in it.

In general, it is seen that most cars need once a year servicing or every 12,000 miles of their on-road coverage. Each manufacturer has different guidelines as to the servicing along with some specifications, including oil changes and other parts replacements. You must follow the instructions properly.

In – between service intervals

Car servicing in Sutton can be very convenient, and it is always advisable to take your car for routine checks to maintain its smooth running. The areas which are covered during these check-ups are as follows,

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Oil and screenwash levels

Major Service

It is said that a standard servicing should be done in every 12 months or 12,000 miles based on the type and age of the vehicle. Still, it is also crucial to go in for a significant service of your car every 24 months to continue with a health condition. Some of the notable services that are not included in the standard servicing are as follows-

  • Light and electric functions
  • Fitting new air filter
  • Checking out air conditioning system
  • Fitting new spark plugs and fuel filter

Regular car servicing not only improves smooth functioning but also increases the car’s life span. It is vital to keep certain things in mind in connection to the servicing and maintenance of your vehicle like the fact that you need to make sure that you get the job done by a qualified and professional mechanic. Also, it should be checked adequately that the repairs which are required are done in compliance with the recommended instructions and guidance provided by the car manufacturer.

Signs You Should Visit A Garage For Immediate Car Servicing

One of the primary reasons why car owners have to replace their vehicles more frequently than they expect is because they fail to take their car for servicing at the right time. Even minor issues can become critical and impact the performance of your car if you ignore them. Not every car owner is aware of the fact that there are a few situations when you have to take it to a garage for servicing immediately. Some of them are more complicated than you think and require professional auto repair services. If you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of the road one fine day, get your car serviced and repaired at the right time.

Car Servicing Sutton


3 Warning Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Servicing


  • Engine Light Flashing

Take your car to the nearest repair shop if you see the engine light. The primary purpose of the light is to let the driver know that something is really wrong in your car engine and it needs immediate servicing. A majority of the mechanics offering car servicing in Sutton are aware of the various reasons why the engine light illuminate and customise their services accordingly. Generally, it occurs when there is a problem with the emission system.


  • Smoke From Below The Hood

Never neglect the smoke coming from below the hood of your car as it is an indication that there is a major fault in your car. It generally occurs when the engine gets overheated. Stop driving your car immediately if you don’t want to damage it even further. If you are in the middle of the road and notice smoke from under the hood, pull over the car to the side of the road and let the engine cool down before taking it to a repair shop.


  • Frequent Transmission Problems

Transmission problems generally occur when the transmission fluid starts leaking or its level becomes too low. Though you don’t have to pay much attention to them, frequent or sudden transmission issues require professional car servicing. The mechanic will assess the condition of the seals in the transmission or driveshaft to check whether they have become faulty of leaking fluid. Contamination of transmission fluid can also occur due to lack of maintenance or water intrusion.


Since you are now aware of the warning signs indicating that your car needs immediate servicing, it’s time to take it to a reputed garage.

5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Passing the MOT Test

An MOT test is compulsory in the UK for any car which is over three years old. It isn’t a one-time ordeal; you have to renew your certificate every year. The test is meant to analyze safety levels and emission levels to ensure that your car is safe to drive on the road. Car owners that go for MOT testing in Sutton fail half of the time. While sometimes the condition is serious, it could have been avoided the rest of the times. In reality, you can prevent this failure with a few precautions. Here are the things that will help you ace the test:

MOT testing Sutton

Basics to Pass the MOT Test


  • Clean your car before the test. A cluttered cabin and hood or dusty exteriors might be a red flag. It is a good idea to wipe your windows and windshield clean. Small things might come in the way of your test.
  • Ensure all your lights are working correctly. Check the main, dipper and beam front headlights along with the rear headlight. Hazard lines and indicators should be checked. Don’t forget your brake light as well. Usually, a broken or fused bulb that went unnoticed will fail you.
  • The amount of times when people have failed because of their tires is very high. Ensure all your tires fulfil the minimum legal tread depth. It will help if you also look out for any damages like any cuts and tears. Under or over-inflated tires will also cause troubles.
  • Having a clean windshield is not the only thing you should look into. Having the driver’s central view clear is a significant step towards safety. Make sure to remove any parking tickets that obstruct the view, the area where the wipers operate. Any damage more significant than 40 mm will cause problems and so will any damage larger than 10 mm in the driver’s view. Lastly, having no holes or tears in the rubber will keep you out of trouble.
  • Checking your exhaust system and horns for optimum conditions will save you. While you are at it, you should also check your handbrake.

Getting your MOT test from a reputed centre is a good idea. Nork Motors does excellent MOT testing in Sutton. It is DVSA approved and aims to give customers the best experience. It also offers excellent repairs for any faulty parts in the car so that all your needs can be taken care of at one place.

How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Tires?

Your car is something you use every day. Maintaining it properly is vital to its smooth running and durability. There are some parts of the car which require more care than the rest of the machine. Elements like the tires and the engine experience physical wear and tear and are more likely to breakdown if neglected. If you ask people known for car repairs in Epsom, tires are not cheap to repair or replace. When you are investing in tires, make sure you maintain them so that they last you long. Here are some ways which will help you:


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  • Air pressure and inflation are one of the top reasons why tires are worn out. Over or under-inflated tires are also the common cause of mileage problems. Getting your pressure checked and maintained once a week will help your tires immensely. This period should get more frequent in the colder months, and weight varies then.
  • Frequently driving on a high speed takes a heavy toll on your tires. Rash driving or driving on bad terrains can also cause a lot of problems in the tread. Smooth driving at average speed will not only ensure a long life, but it also helps other parts of the car.
  • When you get tires, check if they are correctly mounted. Wheel alignment should also be on the top of your priority list. Rotating the tires once in a while also works great in keeping the tires in good condition.
  • The wheel and suspension of the car are directly linked to the tires. The tires will bear any fault in them. All of them have to be maintained well so that the vehicle runs in harmony.

Any major issue in the tires can hamper the overall performance of the car to a great extent. So, one should be careful about maintaining the tire and checking it properly from time to time. Poor tire condition might lead to poor mileage. So, proper inspection of tires will keep your vehicle will be up and running always.

It is also essential to find the right people when looking for car repairs in Sutton. Nork Motors has over 40 years of industry experience and are very popular due to its excellent craftsmanship and skills. Not only are they very good at repairing cars, but they also offer maintenance services that will keep your vehicle in good health.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle Before A MOT Testing?

Did you know that there is a massive chance that your vehicle might fail their first MOT test? Sometimes, the chances go up to even higher.  Still, it is nothing much to worry about as you can easily ignore all the faults by putting a little effort.  It is all about following a few simple steps to check and maintain the vehicle before taking it for the very first MOT testing in Sutton. Here is an attempt to sum up the most important things you must keep in mind.

A Few Essentials for Your Vehicle to Pass the First MOT Test


The most vital faults associated with MOT testing is related to the lights. It is still easier to do away with such faults as checking the lights happens to be the simplest of all. One can perform the check on their right at home. You only need to turn on the headlights, indicators, and fog lights to check if all of them are working fine. You should ask someone to stand at the vehicle’s back to check if the brake light turns on as you press the brake pedal. If you find any of the bulbs to be broken, then you can buy it and fir it on your own. If you are not confident about doing it, then a visit to any of the local garages with solving your problem.


The next important thing to check the tread depth of the tyres as an inappropriate depth can result in an MOT failure. If the tread is low, then it signifies that the tyres lack the right gripping ability and if the depth is below 1.6 mm. Then it would be illegal to have such a tyre.  So, work on this before taking your vehicle for the MOT testing.


The brakes must perform effectively to pass the MOT. Faulty brakes should be repaired before an MOT test to prevent a failure.


The windscreen must remain in good shape to ensure safety while driving. If it is damaged, then it must be replaced. Make sure that there should not be any objects or stickers to obscure the view. That will undoubtedly lead to an MOT failure.

One must also thoroughly check the wipers, washers, seat belts, mirrors, registration plate, and the overall body of the vehicle before taking it for an MOT testing in Sutton.  Prepare your car well, and the rest would be an easy affair.

A Close Understanding of Risk Rating Concept Aided by MOT Testing Approach


Rating the risk factor using the Matter of Testing (MOT) is a favorably new approach for both the testers and garages and has given rise to some serious concerns. Here is a discussion on the various aspects of the risk rating associated with MOT testing, how it works, and what measures to be taken to improve it.

Why is Risk Rating Important?


Achieving Efficient Work Flow by Setting a Control Mechanism

Setting the risk rating is a great option to mark a productive workflow as the authority responsible for measuring the risk factor cannot follow you everywhere. So, the right garages and testers are targeted by putting in innovative ideas and strategies. Particular focus is put on the improvement of the quality of the MOT testing. Hence data drive risk assessment stands out as a tool to find out the right path rather than deciding on the performance of the tester or the garage.

It is only about Testing the Risk Factor

It is all about rating the risk and not the discipline or the performance. The data is reviewed well to plan the enforcement checks for the testers and garages that require special attention. In case no severe problem is detected, the risk rating will undoubtedly improve.

What if the Risk Rating Turns Red?

If the risk rating turns red or amber, there is nothing to panic about. The score would be monitored, and if it is found that the garage or the tester is in the high-risk zone for several months, then a visit will be scheduled to understand the reason for the high rating.

Helping the System Work Better

Constant researches are taking place to understand how data can be used effectively. The MOT testing approach thus got better and more dynamic over the years.  It has gained adaptability as well.

The significant problems happen as the tests been conducted infrequently. Necessary steps have been taken to improve on this area of risk rating altogether. As the highest level of accuracy will be achieved, then other metrics will be considered. There will be a trial and error version, and more in-depth investigations will be undertaken to find the best solution.

Nork Motors is one of the car servicing and MOT centers. It offers high-class garage services and MOT testing advantages. They are well-known for excellent workmanship and dedicated client service