How Frequently Should Your Car Be Serviced?


Regular car maintenance will help you get the optimum performance with fewer repair costs. Without regular servicing, your car will be at a higher risk of accidents. Car servicing in Epsom enables car owners to rub off costly restorations of their vehicles. It will also boost the longevity of your car.

Routine maintenance is indispensable to stave off breakdowns and other such accidents in the middle of the road.  Trained mechanics will spot damages and defects in your car to ensure road safety. Modern vehicles usually light up a reminder on your dashboard when your car is due for servicing. However, what if your vehicle doesn’t come with this feature?

The easiest way to know how often you should service is by going through the owner’s manual. You will find a section that lists all the necessary service intervals and service operations.

The Ideal Car Servicing Routine

As a rule of thumb, the ideal car servicing routine is every 10,000km or six months, whichever comes first. However, every vehicle is different and may have specific car servicing needs. It is recommended to check the owner’s manual or car logbook to find the manufacturer’s specifications relating to car servicing.

Servicing your car twice or once a year will keep your car parts in good condition. You can alternate between a useful service and a minor service to ensure the longevity of your car. Modern cars may come with longer maintenance intervals like every 12 months or15,000km, whichever is earlier. However, you must realise that modern engines have more complexities and are less tolerant of servicing negligence.

If you are a frequent driver, it will be more beneficial to opt for regular car service. These four factors will influence your car servicing period –

  • Type of fuel
  • The age of your vehicle
  • The type of your car engine
  • The technology of your car

The older your vehicle is, the more will be the servicing it will require. The various parts of your car need servicing, replacing, and checking at different points of life. You must replace the oil filter and engine oil at every car service. The transmission fluid, car coolant, and brake fluid should also undergo proper checking at each service.

You must also check your car’s tyres and air conditioning at the end of your fitness time warrant. Ensure that the tyres are accurately inflated with sufficient tyre tread. Never skip a car servicing routine and get your car checked even if you notice the slightest problem with your vehicle.



Need for Regular Car Servicing

Your car may seem fair to your untrained eyes; however, the fluids and other car parts are susceptible to damages. Things can go wrong if your car is not getting the required maintenance and care, including –

  • Being slack with your car servicing can negatively impact the fuel economy of your vehicle.
  • It will also elevate the chance of mechanical failure.
  • Moisture will build up in your car parts if you don’t change your car fluids regularly.
  • The oil of your car will also degrade in quality without frequent fluid changes.
  • Your engine can seize up, or the brake fluid may boil and get ineffective.
  • Your car may also fail to retain its resale value.

It is essential to find a trustable car servicing centre to get the best out of your routine maintenance. Nork Motors offers car servicing in Epsom without digging a hole in your pockets. They have high artistry standards and will replace your car fluids, plugs, and filters. They use only authorised parts to maintain your car’s value and ensure road safety.

What Are the Risks of Delaying Your Car Servicing?


You have to keep in mind that every vehicle needs proper servicing after a certain period. It doesn’t matter if your car is brand new or old; it needs servicing at regular intervals. Let us take a look at some occurrences that can happen if you delay your car servicing.

Car Servicing Epsom


Risks of delaying car servicing

Engine breakdown  

You need to change the oil after a point of time to refrain the engine from producing excess heat. After the usage of engine oil for several months, it loses the capability to cool the engine further, and the performance deteriorates. What are the consequences that can happen if we don’t change the engine oil timely?

  • The engine may break down at any time.
  • The cost of repairing the engine is enormous.
  • Engine depreciates at a multiplying rate if the oil isn’t changed timely.
  • Change the filters timely so that the engine oil doesn’t get contaminated before time.


Wheel alignment 

Make sure that the tires are in proper alignment and have enough treads to run safely on the road. An adequately aligned wheel can drive more effectively with consuming less amount of fuel. Car servicing in Epsom is needed to check the balance of your car and lessens the chance of meeting any accident.


Facing accidents due to avoidance of regular servicing

If you skip your service schedules repeatedly, then you might face an accident any day. When you’re running your vehicle on the road, you must maintain the safety measures first.

  • Regular servicing of your braking system reduces the chances of accidents. The motor mechanic replaces the brake pads whenever needed.
  • You need to replace your steering covers if it has worn out. Check and refill the steering fluids regularly.
  • Wipers & rear-view mirrors should work appropriately to avoid any massive accidents.


Absence of warning lights can lead you to an accident.

Always keep the warning lights in working condition. These lights detect imminent danger and alert the driver. Also, front lights, rear lights and indicators should be checked regularly.


Breakdowns in the middle of the road 

Make sure that your battery is in good working condition with all proper connections and water. Check daily the charging status of the battery.

Depreciation is inevitable of a using car, but you can still grant your car more life by servicing the vehicle timely. Avail the best Car Servicing in Epsom from Nork Motors.