What are the Top Activities for Seasonal Car Servicing?

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As the seasons change, it’s important to ensure your car is properly serviced. After all, seasonal conditions can have a big impact on your vehicle. But what exactly should you be doing to prepare for winter, spring, summer, and autumn? This is a question that will definitely come to your mind.

Seasonal Car Servicing Checklist:

Here are the top activities for seasonal car servicing. Consult a well-known business for car servicing in Epsom for better assistance in this field.

● Inspect the Tyres and Check the Air Pressure:

This is an important task that can help keep you safe and improve your gas mileage. It’s recommended to check your tyre pressure every time you fill up with gas. The pressure drops over time, so it’s important to note that the tyre pressure monitoring system is activated. This can alert you when tyre pressures fall below the manufacturer’s recommendations.

● Check and Change the Oil Level:

Take the time to perform basic maintenance on your vehicle, like regularly checking and changing the oil level. It is essential for keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Failing to do so can result in costly repairs and unnecessary wear and tear. Checking the oil level should be performed according to manufacturer specifications.

● Check the Coolant Level:

Your vehicle’s engine is designed to take you where you need to go. But without proper maintenance, it can become a hassle. Keep it from overheating, and regularly check the coolant level. You can add more coolant if needed. It helps keep the internal temperature of your engine at a safe level. So you must ensure there’s enough for optimal performance.

● Vacuum the Interiors:

Keeping your car clean is a great way to save money and enhance durability. Vacuuming the interior of your car on a regular basis helps prevent dirt, dust, and crumbs from accumulating. This can protect the vehicle’s upholstery and other surfaces. It’s worth taking a few minutes now and again to keep your ride looking and functioning at its best.

These are the main seasonal check-ups that you are expected to perform. If you spot any inconveniences, do not wait until the last moment. Contact Nork Motor Engineering, one of the prominent sources for car servicing in Epsom. Our qualified team has the experience and technical assistance to perform maintenance for your vehicle. For more details, you can visit our website.

4 Signs that Your Cars Need New Brakes

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Brakes are the top priority for every car. Every car should have functioning brakes as they are essential to every car. If the car’s brakes are damaged, then there’s a high probability that the car might face a fatal accident. Thus, getting good car servicing in Sutton is essential to ensure that the brakes are fit and fine. However, there are a few signs you must look out for while driving a car. This will help you understand your brakes’ condition and opt for replacement as soon as possible.

Here are a few signs you must keep in mind to ensure that the brakes are working fine and in good condition.

What signs suggest that you need new brakes?


Noisy brakes

If you hear loud squeaking noise from your brakes, then there are definitely some problems with the same. Get it checked immediately so that your brakes work well. The noise generally comes from the metal that is present in the brakes. When the brakes are damaged, the metal collides with each other and makes squeaking noises.

Vibrating brakes

If you feel a strange vibration whenever you put brakes in your car, the brakes must be serviced or checked by the garages. Generally, wear and tear throughout the years can cause the brakes to vibrate suddenly.

Non-responding brakes

Did you experience that your brakes are taking long enough to respond? Under such circumstances, when the brakes are not responding, there’s surely some problem with the brakes. When the fluid in the brakes gets damaged, the brakes will not function properly. Again when the brake fluid is low, the brakes will not respond properly.

Brakes getting pulled to one side

During driving, if you experience the car being pulled on one side, then there’s a chance that the brakes have been damaged. Bad brakes generally pull the car to one side, making it difficult for the vehicle to operate. Hence, if you experience any such problems, you must get the same change as soon as possible or fix the brake. When the brakes get pulled to one end, it indicates that your brakes are not wearing out evenly.

Nork Motor Engineering offers professional car servicing in Sutton. We are a family run fully independent garage that focuses on undertaking different car servicing and repair works. We provide MOT testing and reliable garage services as well.

4 Undeniable Benefits of Car Washing for Car Servicing Epsom

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Car washing is an easy and fruitful investment that every car owner should make to ensure that the car’s condition is preserved well. Cleaning the car is an integral part of car servicing. If the vehicle appears clean and attractive, then the vehicle’s resale value increases in the long run. Moreover, cleaning the vehicle regularly helps maintain the car’s aesthetic value as well. If you’re opting for car servicing in Epsom, you’ll surely find the professionals suggesting you keep your car clean and wash the same regularly.

To know in detail about the benefits of the car wash, read on.

What are the benefits of car washing?


Increases the lifespan of the car

The life or durability of the car largely depends on the care and attention the owner provides to the car. Under all weather conditions, it is essential to keep your car clean. Thus washing the car from time to time ensures that the car is maintained well. Regular cleaning helps remove snow bites, acid rain, insect poops and other dust from the car’s body.

Helps save money

Cleaning the car every day doesn’t require spending any money. You can save repair charges for the latter if you keep the car clean. You can contact mobile car wash companies for the same. You can also buy washers which will make this tedious job easier. Keep washing the car regularly, and you will save the money of maintaining the car’s body to a large extent.

Improves fuel economy

A clean car means a clean engine running at high speed and with good mileage. Additionally, it can help improve the car’s speed and increase fuel efficiency. Hence washing can be a beneficial addition to your car’s lifeline. A clean and fresh car also looks beautiful and increases its resale value.

Improves car safety

It is essential to keep the car’s safety features in mind when driving. If the car is clean, there’s a high probability that the same is also safe. Accidents are less frequent if you keep the car clean and wash the same regularly. Moreover, with a well-maintained engine, the car also produces less pollution.

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Learn More About the Need for Car Servicing

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In order to ensure a long life for your car, a regular service is crucial. It also helps to keep your car reliable and trouble-free. In order to maintain, repair, or replace worn vehicle components, drivers must get their cars serviced. A thorough servicing guarantees that wear and tear is handled.

Your first significant servicing should be performed at 10,000 kilometres, as advised by the majority of automakers, while the initial service is more of a preventive check.

Servicing Related Factors to Remember:

  1. Saves Money

If you take care of our car at the initial stage, that will help you in the long run. A small issue will be detected from the beginning. Therefore the smaller issue will not become big. That costs some amount of money. It will be better to fix it earlier. Otherwise that can cause you lots of money later. If the oil is unchanged it causes the engine to break down. In the end results will not be good. It has to give lots of money for dealing with it.

  1. Saves Money on Fuel 

A well serviced car is more cost effective to run. With all its components and running engine at the most affordable level. The car will be more efficient and can save money on consuming fuel.

  1. Lifespan of the Car

If you expect long life expectancy for your car, you need it to be well maintained. That saves your money on car driving at any time.

  1. Selling the Car

A well maintained car is always high in demand for selling. If your car has a good service history In that case you can set a high budget at the time of vehicle selling.

  1. It Helps With Insurance

If you have faced any accident on the road with your car, it will require a lot of money. But if you have car insurance you don’t need to worry about the money. If you need to replace your car, you can charge the money from the insurance company. If your car has a good service history that will help to get a better price value.

At Nork Motors you can get the best car servicing in Epsom. A factory service is something that your car requires. We offer a wide variety of checks, including oil filter check and replacement, full brake check, brake fluid check and so on. To know more about us, visit our website.

How to Avoid Frequent Car Servicing by Maintenance of Brakes?

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When it comes to keeping your car in the best shape, you have to keep every part in its best shape. This includes the brakes of the car too. The brake is the most important component to stop the car during emergencies. Full control over the brakes is always required for stopping a car.

Get Servicing for Preventing issues:

However, not maintaining the brakes frequently can lead your car to face several problems. The most important among them is that the efficiency of stopping the car will decrease. For a safe drive, it is very important to diagnose the problems from a reputable car servicing in Epsom.

How to take Good Care of the Brakes?

Below, you can find some important tips to take care of your car’s brakes. These steps will prevent you from going for car maintenance multiple times a year.

  • Change the Brake Components:

    It is one of the most helpful pieces of advice to keep your brakes in shape. Have a talk with your car technician and replace the faulty components of the brake. They can also help you in checking the condition of the brakes. You can keep the car in its best possible condition by replacing the damaged brake components on time.

  • Check the Functions of Your Rotors:

    A smooth, functional rotor is needed for the smooth function of the brakes. If there are any issues with the rotor, the brake pad will subsequently be damaged. So, it is important to check whether the brake pads are getting heated or making a weird noise.

  • Change Brake Fluids:

    Fluids are an important addition that can foster a smooth operation of the brakes. It coordinates with the whole braking system of the vehicle. The brake fluid can get affected due to various natural elements, like air and moisture. To prevent inconsistent performance of your brakes, you should change the brake fluids once in a while.

  • Inspect the Brake Lines and Master Cylinder:

    Ensure that the callipers of the brakes reach the tyres whenever you apply them. To keep this part functional, you should keep an eye on the brake lines and the master cylinder. Preventing unnecessary load on the car can be a helpful tip to take care of these two parts.

If you want the assistance of professional car maintenance officials, you should take your car to Nork Motor Engineering. We are a family-run car maintenance in Epsom where you can get all types of car servicing works. For more details, you can visit our website today.

Major Services You Can Receive from a Trusted Garage

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When you take your vehicle to the nearest garage for servicing, it is necessary to know what the major services they will provide are. What is checked and how it will be checked varies from one garage to the other.

However, there are some general basic services that every garage owner in Sutton finds imperative to maintain the efficiency, safety and health of your vehicle. Whenever you go there for car repairs or general servicing, they will deliver certain services.


Types of Services


  • Interim Service: This car service is usually carried out every six months or 6,000 miles.
  • Full Service: This service is typically carried out every twelve months or 12,000 miles.

These services aim to check almost every part of your car to ensure their best performance and your safety on the road.


The Services Include



Both interim and full car services include a complimentary checking of the exterior lights of your vehicles. The experts will check to ensure all the front, back, side and rear lights are working efficiently and are in the best condition. Along with them, indication lights, fog lights and brake and reverse lights are also inspected and repaired (if there is any issue).


This is one of the vital parts of every car servicing. Certified automobile technicians will thoroughly check the brakes of your vehicles. They will ensure that there is enough brake fluid that will keep the machine smooth and active.


Your car tyres go through the maximum wear and tear for obvious reasons. Hence, they need the maximum attention during every servicing. Technicians will check the damage to tyres, such as punctures and cracks. They will also check the balance, tread depth and pressure level.


Your vehicle has some vital electric parts that include the battery, starter motor and alternator. All these parts will be checked by car repair experts. They will repair and replace them if necessary.


Specialists will inspect every component of your car engine. Checking the transmission and rear axle, clutch, air and fuel filters, radiator, spark plugs, coolant hoses, fuel pipes, auxiliary drive belt, and the exhaust system – everything will be checked to ensure the best performance of your car’s engine.

At Nork Motor, we offer comprehensive car services according to your requirement and budget. Our car repair experts in Sutton will ensure that your vehicle is road-ready every time you visit our garage.

Please get in touch with us to know more.

Few Common Issues For Which You Need Car Servicing

vehicle structure Full Repair

Owning a car is always a matter of pride for the owner. Though a newly bought car can run for miles without showing any signs of damage, they develop issues over time. Even if you have bought a well-engineered vehicle, your car will develop a fault after covering a few miles. Some of the vital car parts will start showing signs of wear and tear.

You have to take your car to a reputable garage for car servicing, irrespective of your car brand. Their mechanics will assess their condition and tell you whether you have to repair or replace them. They might even share a few car maintenance tips to help you stay away from the common issues. It will also keep your car in its best running condition and ensure your safety on the road.

Choose Car Servicing In Epsom For The Car Issues Stated Below

  • Coolant Leaks

An easy way to regulate the temperature of your car’s engine is by maintaining the coolant level. You will know that the coolant has started leaking if you notice sweet-smelling liquid below the engine. You can diagnose the issue by visiting a reputable garage for car servicing. Coolant generally leaks when the seal corrodes or the radiator cracks. Once the coolant starts leaking, it can’t maintain the engine’s optimal temperature.


  • Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a very common issue you have to face if you own a car. You will know that the engine is leaking oil if you notice dark-coloured fluid below the engine. Another common sign indicating that the car oil has started leaking is when the exhaust emits black and thick smoke. The smoke occurs when the oil hits the hot exhaust and starts burning.


  • Faulty Engine

Once the engine light on your car’s dashboard gets illuminated, please take it to a reputable garage for car servicing in Epsom. You will know that something is wrong with the engine when the vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as it should. The mechanic will diagnose the issue if the check engine light is visible. Sometimes, the engine misfires if there is a problem with fuel injection.

Since you now know the common issues found in cars of almost every make and model, get in touch with the skilled mechanics at Nork Motors for professional car servicing.

What to Expect After They Service Your Car at the Garage?

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We all talk about things that can happen if your car is not regularly serviced. But, what to expect after a certified technician offers full car servicing at the garage? What happens when your car is serviced by experts?

When you take your car to a reliable and experienced garage for servicing in Epsom, you can find some notable differences after the experts finish their job.

What Important Components do They Check?

  • Oil and filter change
  • Battery condition
  • Exhaust system
  • Fluid levels
  • Lights
  • Wipers
  • Brake pads and fluid
  • Air filter replaced
  • Suspension
  • Handbrake
  • Spark plugs
  • Handbrake
  • Wheel alignment & bearing
  • Tyre tread & pressure

All these are essential components of a car that determine the safety and superior performance of the vehicle on roads. If all these parts are properly inspected and serviced, you can feel the change when you start driving your car right after the job.

What Changes to Notice in Your Car after Servicing?

Better Performance

The main objective of every car servicing is to improve its overall performance on the road. From the tyres to the headlights – every part of your car will work better than before and seem more efficient.

Improve Safety

Whether it is the tyres, steering wheels, brake pads, or the headlights – the overall safety of the vehicle will be increased, and risks will be reduced when you take it back from the garage after servicing.

Better Mileage

After every professional car servicing, the car owners experience better mileage of their vehicle. This is because the engine oils are changed, and the car’s overall performance becomes more efficient. Thus, it delivers better mileage to save you on fuel bills.

Minor and Average Issues are Fixed

Professional car servicing experts always address minor and average issues in your car. Whether it is broken looking glass or a problem in the brake pad – they fix these issues to improve the condition of the vehicle. You will get back your car in a better condition after every servicing job.

Find the Right Garage

It is important to find a good garage partner to reap all the benefits of car servicing. Look for the place with maximum positive reviews and vast experience.

Nork Motors is a reliable name in the industry of car servicing in and around Epsom. If your car needs regular servicing or special MOT testing, we are right here to make it possible for you at competitive pricing.

Please get in touch with our team for more information.

What is Remapping of Cars and Why Should You Opt for the Same?

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With the advancement of technology, there are ample opportunities to personalise the driving experience. Rather than making the car a one-size-fits-all driving machine, technology and specialists are now giving the option of changing the car specifications and remapping the same to increase the car’s performance. Thanks to the wonders of technology, car remapping is a new feature that can help a car owner increase the engine’s performance.

Car engine remapping is a technologically advanced process that allows the car owner to increase the car’s driving performance. However, if the engine starts malfunctioning after the remapping has been completed, make sure that you take your car to professional car repairs in Sutton. Experienced mechanics can handle technological damage repairs.


What is the process of the remapping?

In the process of remapping, the vehicle’s engine control unit is targeted. If you’ve any specific requirements in mind about improving the car’s performance, then approach the mechanic and ask for car remapping options. This is an economical and technologically advanced way to unlock the different benefits of the car. Thus, with the help of remapping, you can unlock the hidden aspects of the car. Depending on the technological advancement, you can also remap the car engine using quantum tuning.


Why is remapping important?

Sometimes the car manufacturers would limit the performance of the vehicles and force them to underperform. Due to regulations, this step is sometimes necessary. However, with the help of car remapping, the car owner can easily improve the car’s performance level. Many times, to increase the car’s lifespan, the efficiency level is reduced. However, as a car owner, if you feel like increasing the performance to the highest possible level, remapping is certainly the best option.


Why is remapping important for your car?

The most important and noticeable change that you’ll experience in your car after remapping is an increase in the speed and power of the car. Remapping will successfully boost the power, torque, and overall performance of the engine and the car and help improve the car’s performance as well.

Trained remapping experts will also make the engine’s performance smoother and enhance the driving experience of the car. Always choose a specialist to get your car remapped as otherwise the car might get damaged beyond repair.

At Nork Motor Engineering, we have professional mechanics who can help you with car repair and car servicing in Sutton. Check our website for further details.

How Much Is Right Diagnostic Important for Efficient Car Servicing?

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A professional car mechanic plays the role of a doctor for your vehicle. He checks the health of your car to ensure that everything is right on track. If they notice anything serious or even a small issue, they will try to find a quick and correct remedy for your car.
This is why the proper diagnostics is highly crucial to ensure safety, efficiency, long life and best performance of your vehicle. All the top garages in Epsom offer professional car servicing, including diagnostics of vehicle issues.

What is Vehicle Diagnostics?

This is not rocket science. This is a simple step of checking the car’s problems to find out the best solution. When you visit your doctor, he might ask you for general health examinations like x-ray, scan, USG and blood tests to get an idea of what is going on inside your body.
Similarly, expert car mechanics use different scanning devices to locate the area of problem in your car. This would help them to find the remedy without wasting time and improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

Use of the Right Tools

There is no single car diagnostics device that will be suitable for every make and model. Skilled and experienced car mechanics always have different types of tools in their collection for faster, better and seamless diagnosis. They know which tool should be used for a certain model or suitable for checking a specific part of the car.
Engine diagnostics is different from inspecting the tyres or the breaks of a car. Hence, these experts always use multiple diagnostics tools to check different body parts of your vehicle and provide you with perfect results.

Look for the Right Expert

Though there are various devices used in top garages for the right car diagnostics, it is not easy to handle them without skill and experience. Hence, it is required to look for highly qualified and efficient car mechanics who have in-depth knowledge about the procedure of using these devices for car diagnostics.
Right diagnosis always helps the technicians find issues in the car without wasting time. Hence, you can save time and get the right treatment for your car with complete efficiency.

Nork Motors is the right place for all kinds of car servicing, including advanced diagnostics of the engine and other parts. We are available in Epsom and adjoining areas to meet the needs of our clients within their budget. Please get in touch with us for more information.