Major Services You Can Receive from a Trusted Garage

MOT testing


When you take your vehicle to the nearest garage for servicing, it is necessary to know what the major services they will provide are. What is checked and how it will be checked varies from one garage to the other.

However, there are some general basic services that every garage owner in Sutton finds imperative to maintain the efficiency, safety and health of your vehicle. Whenever you go there for car repairs or general servicing, they will deliver certain services.


Types of Services


  • Interim Service: This car service is usually carried out every six months or 6,000 miles.
  • Full Service: This service is typically carried out every twelve months or 12,000 miles.

These services aim to check almost every part of your car to ensure their best performance and your safety on the road.


The Services Include



Both interim and full car services include a complimentary checking of the exterior lights of your vehicles. The experts will check to ensure all the front, back, side and rear lights are working efficiently and are in the best condition. Along with them, indication lights, fog lights and brake and reverse lights are also inspected and repaired (if there is any issue).


This is one of the vital parts of every car servicing. Certified automobile technicians will thoroughly check the brakes of your vehicles. They will ensure that there is enough brake fluid that will keep the machine smooth and active.


Your car tyres go through the maximum wear and tear for obvious reasons. Hence, they need the maximum attention during every servicing. Technicians will check the damage to tyres, such as punctures and cracks. They will also check the balance, tread depth and pressure level.


Your vehicle has some vital electric parts that include the battery, starter motor and alternator. All these parts will be checked by car repair experts. They will repair and replace them if necessary.


Specialists will inspect every component of your car engine. Checking the transmission and rear axle, clutch, air and fuel filters, radiator, spark plugs, coolant hoses, fuel pipes, auxiliary drive belt, and the exhaust system – everything will be checked to ensure the best performance of your car’s engine.

At Nork Motor, we offer comprehensive car services according to your requirement and budget. Our car repair experts in Sutton will ensure that your vehicle is road-ready every time you visit our garage.

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4 Signs Suggesting That Your Car’s Suspension Needs to be Repaired

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The suspension system of the car is an important part of the vehicle. It is a protective layer made with complex springs and dampers to absorb sudden shocks while driving the vehicle through rough roads. Most importantly, your car’s suspension is the part that is responsible for bearing the weight of the car. Thus, instead of taking the car’s suspension lightly, make sure that you get the same repaired even if there’s a slight issue. Instead of trying DIY methods, approach professional car repairs in Sutton. They will detect the potential problems and solve the same at the earliest.

Without a proper suspension, your brakes and taking sharp turns on the roads will not work smoothly. Thus, look out for the warning signals and take it to the best car repairs in Sutton. Initially, when the suspension gets damaged, your car will become bouncy and stiff and emit strange noises. Don’t ignore such initial signs. Check out the sure-shot signs that indicate that your car’s suspension has failed.


How to understand that your car’s suspension has failed?

Stiffness in steering

When you start feeling that the steering is becoming stiff and it’s getting difficult to move the steering even at low speeds, there’s surely some problem with your car’s suspension. The suspension doesn’t have to be damaged; rather, it might need oiling, or it must have worn out with time.

Slanted side of the car

It is difficult to notice this change suddenly. You might find that one side of the car has slanted without any reason. This is visible when you park the car. Maybe one side of the car sits lower than the other, which indicates that the suspension spring has been damaged.

Difficulty in taking turns

If you feel that the car is drifting away from the lane during a turn and you’re unable to take a simple turn, then it’s time for car repair. This happens when the car’s suspension is unable to contain the vehicle against any impact of centrifugal force.

Experiencing bumpy rides

A fully-serviced car generally offers a smooth travelling experience. However, if you start experiencing a bumpy ride all of a sudden, then it is one of the most apparent indicators of the fact that your suspension is not working anymore.


Nork Motor Engineering has a team of specialised experts who can provide all types of car repair services. We guarantee high standards of craftsmanship, including routine car repairs, exhaust fitting, suspension repairs and even MOT testing. Check our website for more details on our services.