Major Services You Can Receive from a Trusted Garage

MOT testing


When you take your vehicle to the nearest garage for servicing, it is necessary to know what the major services they will provide are. What is checked and how it will be checked varies from one garage to the other.

However, there are some general basic services that every garage owner in Sutton finds imperative to maintain the efficiency, safety and health of your vehicle. Whenever you go there for car repairs or general servicing, they will deliver certain services.


Types of Services


  • Interim Service: This car service is usually carried out every six months or 6,000 miles.
  • Full Service: This service is typically carried out every twelve months or 12,000 miles.

These services aim to check almost every part of your car to ensure their best performance and your safety on the road.


The Services Include



Both interim and full car services include a complimentary checking of the exterior lights of your vehicles. The experts will check to ensure all the front, back, side and rear lights are working efficiently and are in the best condition. Along with them, indication lights, fog lights and brake and reverse lights are also inspected and repaired (if there is any issue).


This is one of the vital parts of every car servicing. Certified automobile technicians will thoroughly check the brakes of your vehicles. They will ensure that there is enough brake fluid that will keep the machine smooth and active.


Your car tyres go through the maximum wear and tear for obvious reasons. Hence, they need the maximum attention during every servicing. Technicians will check the damage to tyres, such as punctures and cracks. They will also check the balance, tread depth and pressure level.


Your vehicle has some vital electric parts that include the battery, starter motor and alternator. All these parts will be checked by car repair experts. They will repair and replace them if necessary.


Specialists will inspect every component of your car engine. Checking the transmission and rear axle, clutch, air and fuel filters, radiator, spark plugs, coolant hoses, fuel pipes, auxiliary drive belt, and the exhaust system – everything will be checked to ensure the best performance of your car’s engine.

At Nork Motor, we offer comprehensive car services according to your requirement and budget. Our car repair experts in Sutton will ensure that your vehicle is road-ready every time you visit our garage.

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3 Common Car Repairs Mistakes You Should Avoid

Car Repairs

People love their cars, and they wish to take proper care of the vehicle to avoid an untimely demise. However, witnessing the higher cost of some of the professional assistance for car repairs in Sutton, some car owners prefer to take the matter into their own. But, they need to understand that all the car repair matters do not come under the DIY category.

Even if you have been driving your car for several years, you might not have all the knowledge about car repair like a licensed automobile mechanic. Some jobs must be done by the experts only.


Expensive Car Repairs that Are Not DIY Types

  • Glass and Windshield Repairs

Though you might have seen thousands of videos online that show how easy it is to replace or repair your car’s windshield with adhesives and a few more tools, the matter is not as easy as you think. There are matters involved like right measurement, using the authentic parts, alignment seal, trim pieces, and repair injector. Only a professional can have complete knowledge about all of these and offer you the right service.

  • Car Body Paint

If you think that this is the easiest repair job that you can try on your own to give your car a new look, you need to rethink. Using car body paints correctly and following the exact technique requires vast knowledge and high skills. The application process of car body paint is critical. It involves toxic chemicals and is a time-consuming matter. Ask for professional help to avoid severe mistakes and save money.

  • Car Engine Diagnostics

Even if you have vast experience in driving cars, taking the matter of engine diagnostic and repair on your hand is not a wise decision. The electrical components of your vehicle need special attention. You should rely on the specialists of car repairs in Sutton for this job instead of trying your hand on the car engine with your newly bought car repair kit.

To avoid all these costly mistakes of car repairs, you should always look for a garage where annual car maintenance is affordable and reliable. These experts will inspect your car thoroughly and suggest you the right repairs as per its requirements. They can also give you tips on regular car maintenance, which you can try on your own.

Nork Motors is a reliable and certified car repair centre in Sutton. We offer complete car repair and maintenance services at competitive prices.

How Can One Stay Alert Behind the Wheel during Long Distance Journey

car mirror setup

While 2020 have not given us a lot of chance to enjoy long-distance road trips, some professional drivers still had to finish their long journeys to deliver essential goods and services. They had to and are still transporting up and down the country with their vehicles for different reasons.

Staying alert behind the wheel for long hours is not an easy task. You need to go for regular and proper car servicing in Sutton to keep the vehicle in good condition for such long road trips. At the same time, you need to mentally and physically prepare yourself for such hectic trips.

Car Servicing Sutton

Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore while Car Servicing

  1. You are feeling extremely tired and fatigued during the drive.
  2. You are having disconnected thoughts.
  3. You are losing your focus from the road.
  4. You have frequent blinking.
  5. You are experiencing heavy eyelids.
  6. It becomes tough to keep your neck and head up.
  7. You cannot remember your last few miles.
  8. You are missing the signs and the signals on the road.
  9. You are feeling uncomfortable and irritating.
  10. You are experiencing frequent yarns.
  11. You start getting into other drivers’ way.
  12. You are feeling restless and stressed.

If you experience any one or two of these above-mentioned signs, you should consider this as a serious matter. As a driver, you should stop driving right then and try to feel normal before starting again. It is highly required to feel on track and stay focused while driving. If your mind and body are not supporting you enough for the long-distance journey, it can cause serious accidents and injuries; even death.

Even people can feel these issues during their shorter journeys; while coming back home from the office after a long tiring day.

Why Staying Alert Behind the Wheel is Necessary?

If drivers lose his focus or miss the signs and signals on the road due to extreme tiredness and fatigue, accidents can happen at any point. This can be life-threatening. Moreover, your fatigue can cause serious damages to your car as well. This is necessary not only for you but for your co-passengers, the drivers and passengers of other vehicles also.

Apart from that, you should take good care of your car to reduce the risks of having accidents. Take your car for regular car servicing to know if everything is under control. The experts will inspect the car and repairs or replace the faulty parts to improve the performance and safety of your vehicle.

At Nork Motor, we offer full car servicing along with MOT. No matter what type of car you have, we have the right solution for all the issues it might suffer from.