4 Most Common Car Maintenance Services to Check for Avoiding Hefty Repairs

Car Maintenance Services

Regular car maintenance is very important to keep your car running smoothly and to avoid costly repairs in the future. As the prices of new vehicles are increasing, it is very important to know what you will pay beforehand. No one wants to face a car breakdown in the middle of the road. Hence, it becomes crucial to maintain and check the parts of your vehicle by professionals.

As one of the leading companies that provides car servicing in Sutton, we have highlighted major car maintenance services to carry out to avoid costly repairs in the upcoming days.

Major Car Maintenance Services to Check

1. Assessing The Quality Of Liquid

The engine fluid is the lubricating moving part that is used to reduce the effect of friction. This is why keeping this element clean and free from contamination is very important. The car manual will provide the manufacturer’s recommended oil changing frequency. However, the professionals suggest changing the oil once every 3000-6000 miles. The auto mechanic checks the following fluids in the car like-

  • Motor oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Coolant
  • Windshield washer fluid

Maintaining the fluid’s quality and quantity will improve the fuel economy, increase the engine’s reliability, and prevent repair costs.

2. Checking the tyres

Proper tyre maintenance includes scheduling tyre rotations and making alignment checks. These help maintain proper tyre air pressure. Regular tyre rotation will ensure that all tyres wear down evenly. While most car manufacturers recommend a rotation every 7000 miles, the needed frequency depends on the quality of the tyres, the weight of the car, and driving conditions.

3. Changing the Filters

Your car has two filters- the cabin filter and the engine filter. These two filters work hard to keep the air running through the engine and passenger cab clean and hygienic. It is better to check the owner’s manual and see how often the filter needs to be replaced to prevent debris from clogging the engine.

4. Checking the belts and hoses

These elements might not seem important, but the belts take the pressure off all the vehicle functions. The belts kick-start the alternator and help operate the water pump. The latest models use serpentine belts that drive most of the engine parts in the vehicle. However, if you are driving an old vehicle, it uses V-belts. You need to consult an auto specialist who will help maintain the belts.

Some car maintenance services include checking the bodywork and lights, steering, and battery health. The professionals from Nork Motor Engineering carry out necessary checks and provide a full breakdown of the car’s health. Contact the team to learn more.

4 Major Signs That You Need a Car Suspension Repair

The suspension in the vehicle lets the driver control the car so that they can have a smooth ride. Suspensions can succumb to decay over time, more so when they are used for a long time. However, the suspension system does not face problems like the engine does. Some drivers might keep ignoring the issues related to the suspension and might be confused or even conflicted facing them.

As one of the leading car repair companies in Sutton, we have highlighted some of these telltale indicators of suspension problems. If you stumble upon these four signs, they could indicate the presence of this problem. Issues with suspension might not completely stop the vehicle from working. Neither could it create a very noticeable sign like a billowing smoke. However, when left untreated, these can deteriorate all too quickly. So, let’s take a quick look at these four surefire indicators that imply you need a car suspension repair.

The major symptoms that indicate an emergency suspension repair

Car Suspension Repair signs

Let’s take a look at how you can identify the major symptoms of a suspension problem.

Proneness to drift

Do you feel that your car is drifting or swaying all too much when you are taking a turn? The car suspension generally keeps the vehicle’s body at the centre to prevent it from swaying and drifting. Hence, if you keep ignoring this issue, it can cause serious accidents when you are taking a sharp turn. So, if you detect this sign, it is an emergency to visit a car repair service.

Inconsistent balding

The tyre treads slowly wear down over time. So, it can leave behind bald tyres or even flat spots. A properly functional suspension system distributes the weight of the car evenly so that these signs are uniformly spread in each tyre. If you encounter one or more tyres balding at a time, the suspension might be failing at its original task. So, checking the tyre tread is one of the surefire ways to detect further issues with the suspension system.

Slow braking

Is your vehicle edging to the nose when you press the brake? Are you facing braking issues all too frequently? This can once again be the telltale signs you should not ignore. They, once again, might indicate at a suspension problem. This issue can even make it difficult for the drivers to take the break altogether. Hence, slow breaking can once again indicate a suspension problem.

Clanking and screeching noise

Abnormal sounds such as clanking and screeching might be good indications that your suspension needs repairs. You need to bring the vehicle to a car servicing shop to ensure that your suspension is working smoothly.
All these signs can indicate that your car needs emergency suspension repairs. As one of the leading car repairs in Sutton, Nork Motor Engineering excels at solving all kinds of suspension problems. Reach out to us today!

Top Tips for Finding the Best Car Wash Garage: How do You Choose?

Car Wash Garage

Keeping your car tip-top and clean is essential to boosting its overall lifespan. It is also the surest way to maintain its market value. Hence, a regular visit to a car servicing center in Epsom or a car washing center might be extremely crucial to prolonging the health of your car. Here, we are going to share with you a bunch of effective tips for finding the best car wash garage. Let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter.

Five tips for choosing the best car wash: Top Picks

So, let’s look at our top five tips to choose the best car wash.

Research and review the different car wash options

There are many types of car washes available, such as full-service, self-service, and express car washes. Full-service car washes are supposed to offer additional services along with the wash that may include detailing and waxing. On the other hand, self-service car washes allow you to wash your car using equipment provided by the facility. Lastly, Express Car Wash provides quick yet effective service at an affordable price range.

Go through the services offered
So, when you pick a car wash, you should consider the services offered. You should pick a car wash that provides a rather versatile and comprehensive package of services that could include exterior washes, interior cleaning, and detailing. You should also make sure that the concerned car wash utilises high-quality products that don’t pose any hazardous effects to your household or your family.

Reviews and Reputation
This step is a must. Before you settle for a certain car wash, you should thoroughly check their online reviews and reputations. And, you should only go for a car wash that boasts a high-customer satisfaction rate. That kind of carwash is more likely to help you out every step of the way.

Evaluate the price
Well, you need to jot down all the available prices provided by the car wash and only choose the ones that charge a reasonable amount, not too cheap and not too expensive.

Pick express car wash
Express car wash is the best option for those who are looking for a quick and efficient car wash. An express car joint offers a wide range of car wash services at a cost-effective rate and can give your car a complete wash within just a few minutes. Express car washes tend to use high-quality products that provide an elaborate and thorough cleaning.

So, are you looking for a car wash and servicing in Epsom? Nork Motor is a pioneering garage providing thorough and affordable car wash services. Reach out to us today!

4 Signs Your Car Needs Air Conditioning Repair: Full Guide

Car Demands AC Servicing

Problems may arise in your car’s air conditioning system over time. In such circumstances, you have to resort to a professional. Companies offering car servicing in Epsom deliver excellent solutions that match customers’ expectations. If you keep the AC as it is, issues will aggravate. Here, chances are high that you have to incur a costly repair. So, it’s better to adopt precautionary measures before feeling the heat.

How Can You Understand Your Car’s AC Needs Servicing?

If your car’s AC isn’t functioning at all, you have no other option other than calling an expert. However, when the problems aren’t serious but can become a threat, you have to be careful. Below are some of the common signs that highlight the air conditioning system of your car needs servicing:

  • Damaged cooling fans: It is one of the most common issues in your car’s air conditioning system. Damaged cooling fans arise due to various reasons and hinder the functioning of AC. Electrical shorts, micro-cracks in fan blades, and damaged fuses are the main culprits in this regard. If the cooling fans get damaged, the vents won’t release cool air.
  • Damaged compressors: The compressors in the AC ensure the even circulation and delivery of cool air through the vents. When these compressors don’t function properly, your car’s AC won’t operate at all or will remain continuously switched on. If any of these happen, visit a car servicing centre without giving a second thought. Most professional car repair companies deal with issues revolving around the AC. Usually, compressors get damaged if you don’t use the AC for a prolonged period.
  • Refrigerant leaks: They are another common phenomenon. If you have an old car, the seals within the car’s AC system show signs of breakdown. Eventually, they lead to refrigerant leaks. Hence, periodic car maintenance is necessary, particularly when the car grows older.
  • Electrical short circuits: Your car’s AC also may not function due to short circuits or damaged fuses. However, these problems can be easily addressed. But if you don’t bother to fix these issues for extended periods, it will cause acid buildup, and your car’s air conditioning system will be permanently damaged.

Nork Motor Engineering is a reputed car servicing firm offering a diverse range of professional garage solutions. Our experts possess high-end skillset and in-depth knowledge that help them detect the car problems precisely. We adopt the latest techniques when it comes to car servicing and repairs. So, get in touch with us and enhance the appearance and functionality of your car.

Keep Tyres in Good Condition and Avoid Tyre Repairs – Know How

Car repairs

Brand-new tires last long without showing any signs of problems. However, with time, tyres are subjected to wear and tear. If you don’t take proper preventive measures, the tyre might deteriorate with time and finally one day give up on you in the middle of the road. However, with a few preventive maintenance strategies, you can increase the lifespan of your car’s tyres.

For car repairs in Epsom, make sure that you approach a good professional mechanic. You can make your tyres last long with the help of these tips.

How do you avoid tyre repairs by maintaining the same?

Visit local mechanics for routine maintenance

Make regular car maintenance a part of your car routine. During the routine maintenance process, the rotation rate of the tyre, alignment of the tyre and tyre balancing are checked. Visual inspections, including checking the tyre’s performance, signs of wear and tear and unevenness in the tyre’s surface, are checked during the routine maintenance process.

Check on the tyre’s air pressure and external condition

Take the car to the mechanic for repeated checkups. You’ll notice that the mechanic will check the air pressure, valve systems and also the tyre’s exterior condition to ensure that it is in working condition. These problems in the tyres are generally not visible to the naked eye. However, as a responsible car owner, you should often check the body of the tyres for probable leaks or punctures.

Check the condition of the brakes

If the brakes are not working properly, the tyres might get damaged. Worn-out brakes insert pressure on the tyres. Whenever you’re pressing the brake, you will be inserting pressure on the brakes. Hence, the tyre pressure will gradually increase, resulting in further wear and tear.

Check tyre loads

As strong as a tyre might be, every tyre has a specific load-bearing capacity. When you buy a tyre, you’ll find the information mentioned on the inside panel of the tyre. While loading up the vehicle, ensure you stay within the weight the car can bear. If the tyres are pressurised under the overload, then the same will damage the tyre in the long run.

Drive safely

Another thing that should be considered is refraining from engaging in rigorous driving sessions. Vigorous driving, especially in rough terrains, can result in the deterioration of the condition of the tyres.

Contact Nork Motor Engineering for a range of professional garage and motor services for car repairs in Epsom. We provide different types of repair and maintenance services. To know more, check our website.

Check These Four Items to Ensure a Smooth Road Trip: In Detail

Car Servicing garage

Smooth Road Trip: Road trips are always special for people who like to travel and love cars. A road trip gets exciting and inspiring as you can experience different landscapes, people, and places. If you are planning a long road trip, you know that preparation is key. 

Without that, your enjoyment or fun can end very quickly. You must seek assistance from one of the most reputable garage services for maximum safety and guarantee. Read this blog to know the crucial things you must check to ensure a smooth and convenient road trip. 

What Should You Do to Make Your Car Smooth Road Trip Ready? 

The Braking System

One of the most important safety features of a vehicle is its brakes. However, it can compromise your safety when overheating, particularly when the car has not been serviced for a long time. 

So, ensure your brakes are working fine before you start driving. Some symptoms that say your brakes need maintenance are sponginess, grinding, and squealing. You can feel these when you apply brakes.  

Tire Check

You can avoid a flat-tire situation during your road trip if you seek help from a qualified technician to evaluate the condition of the tires and the alignment. A tire check also includes the following:

  • Checking whether the tire pressure is set as per the owner’s manual 
  • Assessing the tire wear patterns and tread to ensure its safe on the road
  • Inspecting the tire for any misalignments, which impact both the tires and fuel efficiency in a negative way

Check the fluids

Check all the fluids, such as brake fluid, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windscreen washer fluid, and more. Inspect the level of oil or mileage to know when you need to change the oil. It’s best to change it before starting your road trip for complete peace of mind.  

Inspect and replace lighting, if necessary

The source of light when driving a car is the headlights. For proper functioning of the bulbs, they need periodic inspection and replacement. It is extremely annoying when you try to use light only to discover it’s not functioning. Visit a nearby auto shop for garage services and ensure your damaged lights are replaced. 

By following these tips, you can ensure your car is worthy of providing you with an amazing road trip. Approaching Nork Motor Engineering is the best bet for quality craftsmanship and added safety. We are an independent garage offering reasonable rates for car servicing and repairs. 

Know About Car Servicing and Car Repairs in Sutton, including the UK In Detail.

Few Issues In Luxury Cars For Which You Need Car Repairs

car Wind Shield Repair

The cost of repairing luxury cars is generally higher as the former has a more powerful engine. Though you don’t have to worry about the cars colliding with obstacles in the road ahead as they have an automatic emergency braking system, they might still require repair services. Few vital car parts are active headrests, six airbags and tyre pressure monitoring.

Some also have an alarm which alerts the driver if they ever become too drowsy while driving. If you don’t have adequate knowledge about the common problems generally seen in luxury cars, you should visit a garage for car repairs. Their mechanics will let you know the common problems car owners have to face and how to deal with those.

Few Signs You Need Car Repairs For Your Luxury Car

  • Idle Engine

You will know that your luxury car’s coil pack has failed when it starts running roughly or runs slowly when disconnected from a load or out of gear. Though you can fix this issue by replacing the coil pack, it is always advisable to get it done by professionals. Almost all of them have years of industry presence. They also possess the latest tools and know the techniques which help them fit the coil with the least hassles.

  • Problem With EGR Valve

The valve of EGR or Exhaust Gas Re-circulation often gets clogged up due to carbon which has a negative impact on its performance. Make sure you take your car to experienced mechanics if you hear a very loud noise from the exhaust. You might also notice the engine management warning light on the dashboard. The professional will remove the carbon build-up from the EGR valve.

  • Issues In The Valve

It is one of the most common problems you must deal with if you own a luxury car. The valves can suddenly stop working due to low oil levels. Let mechanics check the car if you notice low oil levels and they might suggest you to replaces all the valves if they are faulty. Repairs like these can turn out to be a bit expensive. The best alternative is to check whether your car is still under the warranty period and the replacement will be done for free.

These being said, it’s time you get in touch with the luxury car specialists at Nork Motors and you can keep the vehicle in top condition for years.

Few Common Issues For Which You Need Car Servicing

vehicle structure Full Repair

Owning a car is always a matter of pride for the owner. Though a newly bought car can run for miles without showing any signs of damage, they develop issues over time. Even if you have bought a well-engineered vehicle, your car will develop a fault after covering a few miles. Some of the vital car parts will start showing signs of wear and tear.

You have to take your car to a reputable garage for car servicing, irrespective of your car brand. Their mechanics will assess their condition and tell you whether you have to repair or replace them. They might even share a few car maintenance tips to help you stay away from the common issues. It will also keep your car in its best running condition and ensure your safety on the road.

Choose Car Servicing In Epsom For The Car Issues Stated Below

  • Coolant Leaks

An easy way to regulate the temperature of your car’s engine is by maintaining the coolant level. You will know that the coolant has started leaking if you notice sweet-smelling liquid below the engine. You can diagnose the issue by visiting a reputable garage for car servicing. Coolant generally leaks when the seal corrodes or the radiator cracks. Once the coolant starts leaking, it can’t maintain the engine’s optimal temperature.


  • Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a very common issue you have to face if you own a car. You will know that the engine is leaking oil if you notice dark-coloured fluid below the engine. Another common sign indicating that the car oil has started leaking is when the exhaust emits black and thick smoke. The smoke occurs when the oil hits the hot exhaust and starts burning.


  • Faulty Engine

Once the engine light on your car’s dashboard gets illuminated, please take it to a reputable garage for car servicing in Epsom. You will know that something is wrong with the engine when the vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as it should. The mechanic will diagnose the issue if the check engine light is visible. Sometimes, the engine misfires if there is a problem with fuel injection.

Since you now know the common issues found in cars of almost every make and model, get in touch with the skilled mechanics at Nork Motors for professional car servicing.

What to Expect After They Service Your Car at the Garage?

MOT testing

We all talk about things that can happen if your car is not regularly serviced. But, what to expect after a certified technician offers full car servicing at the garage? What happens when your car is serviced by experts?

When you take your car to a reliable and experienced garage for servicing in Epsom, you can find some notable differences after the experts finish their job.

What Important Components do They Check?

  • Oil and filter change
  • Battery condition
  • Exhaust system
  • Fluid levels
  • Lights
  • Wipers
  • Brake pads and fluid
  • Air filter replaced
  • Suspension
  • Handbrake
  • Spark plugs
  • Handbrake
  • Wheel alignment & bearing
  • Tyre tread & pressure

All these are essential components of a car that determine the safety and superior performance of the vehicle on roads. If all these parts are properly inspected and serviced, you can feel the change when you start driving your car right after the job.

What Changes to Notice in Your Car after Servicing?

Better Performance

The main objective of every car servicing is to improve its overall performance on the road. From the tyres to the headlights – every part of your car will work better than before and seem more efficient.

Improve Safety

Whether it is the tyres, steering wheels, brake pads, or the headlights – the overall safety of the vehicle will be increased, and risks will be reduced when you take it back from the garage after servicing.

Better Mileage

After every professional car servicing, the car owners experience better mileage of their vehicle. This is because the engine oils are changed, and the car’s overall performance becomes more efficient. Thus, it delivers better mileage to save you on fuel bills.

Minor and Average Issues are Fixed

Professional car servicing experts always address minor and average issues in your car. Whether it is broken looking glass or a problem in the brake pad – they fix these issues to improve the condition of the vehicle. You will get back your car in a better condition after every servicing job.

Find the Right Garage

It is important to find a good garage partner to reap all the benefits of car servicing. Look for the place with maximum positive reviews and vast experience.

Nork Motors is a reliable name in the industry of car servicing in and around Epsom. If your car needs regular servicing or special MOT testing, we are right here to make it possible for you at competitive pricing.

Please get in touch with our team for more information.

What is Remapping of Cars and Why Should You Opt for the Same?

Car Service Nork Motor Engineering

With the advancement of technology, there are ample opportunities to personalise the driving experience. Rather than making the car a one-size-fits-all driving machine, technology and specialists are now giving the option of changing the car specifications and remapping the same to increase the car’s performance. Thanks to the wonders of technology, car remapping is a new feature that can help a car owner increase the engine’s performance.

Car engine remapping is a technologically advanced process that allows the car owner to increase the car’s driving performance. However, if the engine starts malfunctioning after the remapping has been completed, make sure that you take your car to professional car repairs in Sutton. Experienced mechanics can handle technological damage repairs.


What is the process of the remapping?

In the process of remapping, the vehicle’s engine control unit is targeted. If you’ve any specific requirements in mind about improving the car’s performance, then approach the mechanic and ask for car remapping options. This is an economical and technologically advanced way to unlock the different benefits of the car. Thus, with the help of remapping, you can unlock the hidden aspects of the car. Depending on the technological advancement, you can also remap the car engine using quantum tuning.


Why is remapping important?

Sometimes the car manufacturers would limit the performance of the vehicles and force them to underperform. Due to regulations, this step is sometimes necessary. However, with the help of car remapping, the car owner can easily improve the car’s performance level. Many times, to increase the car’s lifespan, the efficiency level is reduced. However, as a car owner, if you feel like increasing the performance to the highest possible level, remapping is certainly the best option.


Why is remapping important for your car?

The most important and noticeable change that you’ll experience in your car after remapping is an increase in the speed and power of the car. Remapping will successfully boost the power, torque, and overall performance of the engine and the car and help improve the car’s performance as well.

Trained remapping experts will also make the engine’s performance smoother and enhance the driving experience of the car. Always choose a specialist to get your car remapped as otherwise the car might get damaged beyond repair.

At Nork Motor Engineering, we have professional mechanics who can help you with car repair and car servicing in Sutton. Check our website for further details.