4 Things to Check After the Car Servicing is Completed

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Next time when you’re taking your car for servicing, make sure that you check a few factors before moving out of the service centre with the car. Sometimes without checking the complete service of the cars, if you move out of the garage, then a few parts of the car might be left unserviced. Thus, there’s a list of such things that you must check to avoid getting duped by the professional garage.


It is always recommended to take your car to a professional garage for car servicing in Epsom. They have experience servicing your car and can help you get the best services.

What things should you look for after car servicing is completed?


Check the work order/job sheet

Checking the work order or the job sheet is a part of the successful completion of the car service. The sheet is a way of communication between the mechanic and the client. While handing over your car for the servicing, you’ll be required to mention the flaws present in the same. The problems with your car are recorded in the job sheet. Hence when you take the delivery of your car back, make sure that you checkpoints out of the job sheet.

Examine the itemised bill

An itemised bill is generally prepared after the car servicing has been completed. Ensure that the worth of the car parts quoted to you to buy the service mechanics is the same as the itemised bill mentioned. Human or machine error is a common thing. Hence, it is always advisable to check the itemised bill to be vigilant and track if any miscalculations have been made.

Examine the coolant/brake fluid

It’s important to check the condition and the level of the coolant or the brake fluid before going out on the road with your newly serviced car. Sometimes during the car servicing process, the coolant or the brake fluid might have got hampered, or the level must have changed. Hence, before you finally take your car out of the garage, make sure that you check the coolant levels.

Check levels of engine oil

The engine is the heart of the car. Hence it is necessary to check the engine oil levels before you go out on the road with your newly serviced car. As the filter of your car keeps changing, the transmission of the engine oil levels also change. If your garage mechanic has replaced the engine oil, you can easily identify the same by checking the colour of the new oil.

Taking A Look At The Different Types of Car Servicing

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Buying a car is more of a necessity than a luxury. It helps you cut down on the travelling cost and time. However, for every car owner, a fundamental commitment is regular car servicing and maintenance. This will give you assurance about the car’s safety and functionality. You can consult a reputable company for car servicing in Epsom for guaranteed outcome.

They will accurately diagnose your car for utmost performance and drivability.

Car Service

Servicing of the Car Parts

The technicians include these checkups as part of their mandatory car servicing protocol. They provide a comprehensive package where they inspect every car part after a complete body diagnosis.

  • Power steering fluid check
  • Suspension check
  • Lights check
  • Shock absorbers check
  • Exhaust check
  • Charging systems check
  • Tire tread and pressure check
  • Battery check

The Types Of Car Service and Repair

  1. Interim Car Service  

The experts recommend this kind of service for those cars that have driven for extra miles. High mileage car users opt for this every 6 months, and it comes with a thorough 35 point checklist of all the key components.

The technicians check for engine oil and filter changes. They top up the car with fluids like brake oil, coolants, power steering fluid, windscreen additive, antifreeze fluid etc. they check the other components to ensure whether the car is in good condition. Besides checking the general parts, they also check the other components as part of their basic maintenance schedule like wok out tyres, suspension system, broken lights, leaking hose etc.

  1. Full car Service

This is the intermediate level of servicing done every 12 months by all car owners. It is ideal for those cars with low mileage, and the servicing should be done once every year. The technicians conduct a full car inspection and diagnostic of the various parts like engine oil filter, air filter, replacing the spark plugs, inspecting the air conditioning system, wheel bearings, doing extensive checks for leaks, wear and damage, seeing handbrake operations, examining the exhaust system for corrosion or leaks etc.

  1. Major Service

Booking a major service for your car is also very useful and beneficial. It is highly substantial, and the mechanic checks every part of the vehicle. It is the gold class level covering all the vital car components. This include services like cabin filter replacement, comprehensive vehicle safety checks etc. You can do it every 2 years or after driving the car for about 24,000 miles.

Consult Nork Motor Engineering for high quality and reliable car servicing and repair. They offer complete car diagnostic service as per customer demands and requirement.

Know Why Is It Important To Maintain and Change Car Tires

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Tires are one of the most crucial yet overlooked parts of vehicles. They are the main element of contact between the car and the road. This is why tire repair and maintenance is an urgent requirement. By consulting the professionals like the company for car repairs in Epsom, you can continue its operation at the peak. Additionally, good car tires guarantee better car performance, drivability, efficiency and road safety.



Reasons to Go For Car Tire Checkups  


  1. Tire pressure

It is important to keep the pressure of the tires intact b seeking help from the trained professionals. It will also enable you to prolong its lifespan ensuring that the vehicle serves and functions in the right manner on the road. They will keep your tires properly inflated so that the car comes in maximum contact with the road. It assures safe and smooth driving, increases fuel efficiency and minimizes noise. At times, they also prefer checking the tires during normal driving; with the vehicle full of passengers and while high speed driving.



  1. Tire Inflation &

With well-maintained pressure of the tires, you can guarantee completely safety for the car on road. Underinflation causes irreparable vehicle damage, leading to cracks and in-circumstantial air loss. The load capacity lowers, with excess sidewall flexing and increased rolling resistance. Consequently, it causes mechanical damage to the car.


Overinflation causes stiffness, creating an uncomfortable travel experience for the driver. It can lead to potential impact damage, which is the mechanics recommend thorough car tire inspections.



  1. Tire grip

The constant friction of the car tires with the road causes it to wear and tear. T is one of the most elements that function as a gripping factor. If the grip reduces inefficiently, the vehicle can experience incontrollable slid and improper braking. The safety of the tires is also compromised.

  • Car repair

The experts will check the tire density, grip, effectiveness to check its longevity. If they notice extreme deterioration in the tire quality, they will replace it with new ones. Hence it is an important attribute that needs close maintenance and evaluation from time to time.

Replacing the tires will depend on the following factors –


  • Tire density 
  • How often it is used  
  • The average speed of the car 
  • The terrain for driving 
  • Kind of Braking activity 

Installing new tires also saves you from the problem of excess tire spinning. It causes overheating and creates more damage to the vehicle. You will also have to incur huge costs to restore the overall car condition.


At Nork Motor Engineering, we undertake exceptional car repair, servicing and maintenance with expertise and professionalism. We provide utmost client satisfaction by fulfilling their vehicle requirements at cost-effective price rates.


Few Tips To Save Money During Car Servicing In Epsom

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Regular vehicle maintenance helps in minimizing maintenance costs. Your car will be tested for road roadworthiness if it is more than 3 years old. Since you don’t have adequate knowledge about cars, get in touch with experienced mechanics offering the service. If you are willing to save money, there are a few easy tips you can follow.

Servicing Your Car In Epsom? 3 Quick Tips To Save Money


  • Know More About Your Car

Your car is not only about its make, model and color. The easiest way to familiarise yourself with the vehicle is by going through the Scheduled Maintenance Guide and Owner’s Manual. You will know when your car needs servicing. You can negotiate with the mechanics better if you are aware of the scheduled date. There’s no use in updating the car parts before the time recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Choose A Reputed Garage

Though there are numerous garages scattered all over Epsom, find someone reputable. Talk with your family, friends, and co-workers and they can suggest a reputed shop offering affordable car servicing in Epsom. A majority of the local auto repair shops specialize in car maintenance. They even try to maintain the reputation earned by them over the years by offering high-quality car servicing at competitive prices.

  • Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Fixing and repairing issues when they are small will not only help you save money but repairing complicated issues is also more time-consuming. Cars start giving warning signs every time they need a repair. Ignoring those is a strict no-no! Check the engine immediately if the check-engine light ignites after you start the engine. Repairing engine damages becomes costlier the more you delay it.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and saving money during car servicing will become easier.